SafeTrack Basement Waterproofing in Bellevue

If you're worried about water seeping into your home, consider the SafeTrack waterproofing system from SafeBasements. For the last 25 years, Matvey Foundation Repair has been a trusted leader for basement waterproofing in Bellevue, and we're honored to be a valued SafeBasements partner. We can personally vouch for the quality and efficacy of these products, and we've seen how effective waterproofing can be for the overall health, safety, and comfort of a home. The SafeTrack is an excellent option for a basement perimeter drainage system, and our Bellevue basement waterproofing specialists can assess your home and see if you’re a good candidate for this product.

What Makes SafeTrack Different?

Some basement drainage systems fail to effectively lower the water table, leading to wet walls and floors and also don’t prevent the infiltration of radon gas. We believe the SafeTrack drainage system from our Bellevue company is an innovative solution that provides optimal drainage performance without needing invasive installation. The Bellevue basement waterproofing experts at Matvey Foundation Repair often recommend this perimeter drain option for how well it keeps basements dry while protecting air quality, all without harming any of the home’s structural or foundation components. A reliable drainage track is a key piece in protecting your property from moisture issues.

Protect Your Property With The Right Drainage

Our team of Bellevue basement waterproofing experts can easily install the SafeTrack drainage system in your home, giving you priceless peace of mind knowing your property is protected from water damage. This system works best in combination with other waterproofing products such as vapor barriers, drain tiles, and sump pump systems. There are many benefits of the SafeTrack system, including its fast and minimally invasive installation. This means leaving your basement intact and letting you return to using your space quickly. After over 25 years in the basement waterproofing industry in Bellevue, we’re confident the SafeTrack drainage system is the best on the market. Reach out to us today to get our personalized recommendations on drainage systems for your home!

Take the first step toward a secure, dry, and comfortable home, by scheduling your free inspection and estimate! Matvey Foundation Repair is here to take great care of you.