Wall Anchor Covers in Seattle

If you recently discovered your foundation walls were bowing or buckling due to pressures from the surrounding soil, you might have installed wall anchors to solve the problem. Now comes the issue of covering them up. Thankfully, we have a quick and easy solution for exactly that problem. With our wall anchor covers, you can carefully conceal your wall anchor system installation without limiting functionality.

Benefits of Wall Anchor Covers

Wall anchor covers do exactly what they seem to. They conceal wall anchor installations, offering the perfect final touch for finished and unfinished basements. Our wall anchor covers are designed to hide your wall anchors while also giving you enough access to tighten them every so often.

With our wall anchor covers, there is no need whatsoever to damage or cut into your foundation walls so you can tighten those wall anchors. Covers are an excellent solution if you already have a finished basement. If not, these covers future-proof your wall anchors in case you ever decide to finish your basement.

Our wall anchor covers are discreet and keep a low profile so as not to disrupt the look of your home.

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Free Estimates on Wall Anchor Cover Installation

If you require a reliable wall anchor system for your bowing foundation walls, or if you need covers for your wall anchors, we are Seattle’s go-to for foundation repair services. Matvey Foundation Repair has been a leading member of the foundation repair industry for the last 20+ years. To get a free estimate on your foundation project, give us a call at 253-327-1650 to book an appointment.

Future-proof your wall anchor system today! Our highly trained foundation repair specialists will come out to your home and conduct a free inspection. They’ll explain every step of the project and the associated costs to expect.