Professional Floor Coating Services in Bellevue

Whether you have a showroom, a locker room, a commercial space, a school to manage, or just an attached garage, you have concrete you need to take care of. Your concrete is subject to a lot more abuse than you might think. High foot traffic, vehicle tires, high impacts, spilled chemicals, and sunlight all leave their mark. Without protection, your concrete can become chipped, pitted, cracked, and discolored.

With Matvey Foundation Repair in Bellevue, our floor coating can prevent your concrete from becoming damaged entirely. We do this by coating your concrete with Penntek, a long-lasting floor coating that will protect your concrete from abrasions, UV rays, impacts, chemicals, and tires.

Most people who want a store-bought solution turn to water-based epoxy as a cheap DIY option. However, water-based epoxy floor coatings become brittle and unreliable after a few years, requiring more coats and more money. Penntek, on the other hand, is four times stronger and only needs a single coat. Best of all, your floors can be ready to use in 24 hours after work is completed.

Chip flooring in garage

Coating Options

Our Penntek floor coating service offered in Bellevue includes styles for garages, patios, warehouses, driveways, and more! Residents can count on Matvey Foundation Repair’s technicians to help you choose the right floor coating for your project in Bellevue, so you can send the right message. You can choose from the following options:

  • Chip Floor Coating
  • Quartz Floor Coating
  • Metallic Floor Coating
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Polyurea Flooring
  • Formcove

Whether commercial or residential, our Penntek floor coating can protect your concrete permanently.

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In order to protect your concrete floors and enhance their appearance, you need the best and the only solution in Bellevue: Penntek floor coating. With Matvey Foundation Repair, you can get a free, no-obligation consultation on your project. To book a free estimate today, give Matvey Foundation Repair a call.