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Is your home or business showing signs of structural damage? If you have noticed potential issues (standing water, pest infestation) in your crawl space, basement, or around your foundation, it’s important to get in touch with a qualified structural support and repair contractor in Bellevue. Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we’ve been around for 25 years and we’ve seen our fair share of structural problems and have learned the most effective solutions for them. Many factors may threaten your structural integrity, including moisture damage, pest infestations, foundation settlement, poor soil quality, and more. No matter the condition of your property, count on us for proper assessment and diagnosis, and to recommend the best options for repair.

Common Causes of Structural Damage in Bellevue

When it comes to the structural security of your home or commercial building, areas like the crawl space, foundation walls, and foundation floor are key. However, many buildings in Bellevue experience damage from water infiltration and hydrostatic pressure from surrounding soils. These are common reasons why someone may seek structural repairs, and we work with several products and methods to accomplish this. Matvey Foundation Repair of Bellevue uses things like foundation pier systems, wall anchors, crawl space support posts, and other techniques to restore optimal soundness. We proudly provide quality workmanship along with honest pricing and friendly customer care, no matter the job.

Structural Support Solutions

As a leader in the Bellevue structural support and foundation repair industry, Matvey goes the extra mile to deliver great results to all our customers. With our help, you can improve your property value and sense of security in your home or business. We will find the best ways to stabilize your structure, laterally and vertically, and help you prevent future issues from occurring.

push pier close up diagram
push pier cracked concrete wall

Work with Matvey Foundation Repair to Address Your Structural Issues

Don’t delay—structural problems only get worse over time! Reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair and let’s discuss your structural support needs. Our Bellevue structural support and repair contractors are ready to take great care of you. Call and ask for your free, no-obligation inspection and estimate today!