Channel Anchor Installation in Seattle

Expansive soils can exert incredible pressure on your foundation walls. These soils can cause your foundation walls to bow or crack. With enough time and inattention, your foundation walls could collapse entirely.

Don’t wait that long! If you find that your foundation walls are bowing or warped in some way, give Matvey Foundation Repair a call so we can install a SafeBase waler wall support system and give them the structure they need.

What is the SafeBase Waler Wall Support System?

The SafeBase waler wall support system works in conjunction with wall anchors to add structural stability to previously bowed walls. If your foundation walls have become compromised, the SafeBase waler wall support system is your best opportunity to restore them.

Installation is minimally invasive, with no heavy equipment necessary to get the job done right. After completion, any damage to the landscape will be restored, making your property clean and neat.

The SafeBase waler wall support system is your best option when your foundation walls are bowing, buckling, or tilting. This solution lets you keep your foundation walls and saves you money on the much more expensive process of foundation wall replacement.

Keep in mind that several feet of space outside of your foundation will be required to perform the installation.

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Matvey Foundation Repair Can Restore Your Bowing Walls

Matvey Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience in foundation repair and concrete repair in Seattle. When it comes to bowing foundation walls, you can trust in the SafeBase waler wall support system to stabilize your walls without having to replace them.

For a free estimate and consultation, call us at 253-327-1650 to schedule an appointment today. One of our highly trained foundation repair specialists will visit you at home, inspect the damage, and explain every step involved in fixing it properly.