Crawl Space Support Posts in Seattle

A sagging crawl space can lead to structural damage throughout the home. Unfortunately, it is very common for crawl spaces to be constructed poorly, with inadequately spaced supports, too few supports, or rotting joists and girders.

Even with a properly constructed crawl space, weak or washed-out soil can cause wooden posts to settle. The good news is that Matvey Foundation Repair has the best solutions available to fix this problem permanently.

With SafeBase floor stabilizers, your sagging crawl space will be stable and level again, permanently. SafeBase floor stabilizers strengthen crawl space beams, providing the support your crawl space sorely needs.

Combined with a concrete base and the high-strength steel of our SafeBase floor stabilizers, your floors will never be slanted or uneven again. Best of all, installation is quick, clean, and simple, taking all of the stress out of the repair process.


We Can Repair Your Crawl Space Properly

If you live in the greater Seattle area and you just discovered that your crawl space is sagging, you need professionals that you can trust. The foundation repair specialists at Matvey Foundation Repair are some of the best in the industry.

With over 20 years of experience supporting our customers in Seattle, we have seen it all and fixed it all, from concrete damage to foundation repair.

If you have a sagging crawl space, don’t hesitate. Call Matvey Foundation Repair today at 253-327-1650 to book your appointment for a free estimate. One of our specialists will visit you at your home, inspect the damaged area, and explain exactly what is causing the damage. Then, we will go over the best solutions for the problem and explain any and all costs.