Concrete Driveway Repair & Leveling in Seattle

Discovering that the concrete in your driveway is cracked, sunken, or uneven can be an incredibly disheartening experience. The first thing you might think is that you’ll have to go through the trouble of tearing out and replacing all of your concrete. Don’t worry -- you don’t have to.

When you partner with the team at Matvey Foundation Repair, you’ll have access to skilled professionals that can repair and level your driveway without replacing any of it. Our method of poly concrete leveling offers a swift, effective, and eco-friendly solution to concrete leveling, permanently lifting your concrete slabs back to where they should be.  

If your concrete driveway is in need of repairs, don’t wait. If you’re in the Seattle area, give us a call so that we can schedule a free estimate for your driveway today.

How Concrete Driveways Can Sink

The soil beneath your concrete is the primary issue when it comes to sinking concrete slabs. Soil can erode, settle, or get washed away. When this happens, it affects the concrete above it. 

When soil is washed from beneath your driveway, an empty space or void is created. This pocket of empty space allows your concrete to sink. Clogged gutters and improperly installed downspouts can contribute to soil erosion, as well.

There are some other causes to be aware of, too. Placing a heavy load on top of your driveway, such as a large vehicle or RV, can cause parts of your driveway to sink or crack, as well. Newly built homes may experience settling soil around the foundation. In some cases, you may have driveway bases that were not compacted properly. 

If your driveway is connected to your garage, it is important that you get ahead of the issue. A sinking driveway can lead to foundational damage in your garage.

Soil and foundation repair

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair to Level Your Driveway

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