Foundation Replacement in Tacoma

When something goes wrong with your home’s foundation, it can be a truly frustrating experience. Foundation problems are notoriously extensive and costly to repair, particularly if the damage is severe and total foundation replacement is necessary. Matvey Foundation Repair is a trusted foundation repair company, and we’ll help you navigate your repair or replacement options. Our Tacoma foundation replacement experts know that this task can be a huge undertaking, and you may have other options to restore the stability of your home’s structure.

To best understand your foundation’s current condition and what options are available to you, it’s important to have your property inspected by our professional foundation replacement team in Tacoma. Reach out to us at Matvey Foundation Repair today for a free consultation, and we can explore the best solutions with you. If the damage is in its early stages, foundation repair may be a better alternative to full foundation replacement, which could save you thousands of dollars! 

Causes of Foundation Problems

When evaluating foundation damage, our team begins with an inspection of the surrounding soil. Expansive, settling, eroded, or otherwise unstable soils around your home are often the cause of a shifting foundation. When soil conditions are poor, your foundation can sink, tilt, and crack, leading to structural problems throughout the whole home. Thankfully, our Tacoma foundation replacement and repair team has the tools and the experience needed to correct soil-related issues.

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The Foundation Replacement Process

If the early signs of foundation damage are spotted soon enough, steps can be taken to address the causes, repair the damage, and prevent further damage from occurring. But if the damage has gone on for a long period without being addressed, your Tacoma home may need foundation replacement. This requires total excavation of the area around your home, using heavy construction equipment, which is noisy and takes time. Everything surrounding your foundation needs to be removed, including porches, stairs, walkways, and landscaping. Our Tacoma concrete and shifting soil repair team have your back when it comes to the foundation of your home.

After the excavation is complete, we’ll place your home on temporary supports and remove your damaged foundation. We’ll pour and set a new foundation, then after the new foundation is installed, your home is slowly lowered back into place. Lastly, our Tacoma team will repair shifting soil and restore your landscaping as best as we can.

Free Estimates for Foundation Replacement

Matvey Foundation Repair of Tacoma is here for you, from foundation replacement to shifting soil repair. No matter what kind of foundation problems you’re facing, you can count on us for reliable, friendly service. Get in touch to schedule your free inspection and estimate today! 

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