The SafeDrain Drain System

Matvey Foundation Repair is a leading contractor in Seattle for foundation, basement, and crawl space repair, including waterproofing systems. We are proud to be a SafeBasements partner, bringing you the most cutting-edge technology in water damage prevention. With our help, you can rest well knowing that your home and your family are safe from the hazards that water damage can create.

One of our favorite SafeBasements products is the SafeDrain Drain System, a proven water control system. This is an innovative drain system that is installed around the perimeter of your basement. It works with your home’s sump pump system, to effortlessly divert water away from your foundation. The SafeDrain Drain System is unique in its design, featuring a low profile and wide channel, which minimizes hydrostatic pressure and allows the water to flow more easily. The SafeDrain Drain System has a tight rubber seal, which lets the water flow but prevents gases and condensation moisture from entering your living space.

The SafeDrain Drain System is one of the most efficient drains on the market today, and we install this system often in our Seattle basement waterproofing jobs. The drain channel moves just under the edge of your basement flooring, by the cove joint, easily gathering water to feed into your sump pump. Our crew follows the recommended installation steps from SafeBasements:

  • Concrete is removed from the basement perimeter.
  • Footing is cleaned.
  • Weep holes are drilled into mortar joints and block cells.
  • SafeDrain Drain System is installed on top of the exposed footing.
  • Drain system is attached to the sump pump.
  • Concrete is replaced.

The result is a seamless, inconspicuous water mitigation system that will work 24/7 to keep your basement safe and dry. If you want priceless peace of mind that your home is protected from water-related damage, come to Matvey Foundation Repair and let us show you what a difference the SafeDrain Drain System can make.

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Safe Drain inside basement