Penntek Formcove System Installation with Matvey Foundation Repair

When it comes to protecting your floors, there is an often-overlooked section of your space that is in dire need of protection as well. That space is the area where your floor meets the wall. The corner where the floor meets the wall is the perfect spot for water, bacteria, and hazardous grime to enter and seep through into your space. That is especially true in areas like workshops and factory floors where damaging chemicals see regular usage.

However, with Matvey Foundation Repair, we have one of the best solutions available to fix this quickly and effectively. There is no longer any need to wait for dangerous materials to enter through your walls and damage your home or structure. You can depend on Penntek Industrial Coating’s Formcove system, instead.

The Formcove system is meant for quick and easy installations that provide excellent, long-lasting durability while protecting the seams between your floors and walls. Penntek’s Formcove system doesn’t rely on prefabricated vinyl or rubber pieces compared to standard cove base installations. Instead, the Formcove system cures into the perfect shape to fit and cover the seams between your floor and wall.

Formcove System Benefits

There are several benefits to using the Formcove system for the seams between your floors and walls. Formcove is mixed on-site, providing a custom fit unique to your space. The Formcove system can be used in combination with any Penntek floor coating system. Installation happens as quickly as a single day, with curing taking only 30 minutes. The Formcove system comes with a lifetime warranty and a 15-year product warranty on residential projects.

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