Signs of Foundation Problems

If you are a resident in the greater Seattle area and you suspect your home may have foundation problems, you are in the right place. Foundation problems may look like overwhelming and complicated issues, but repair might be simpler than you think. 

Knowing what to look out for and how to spot foundation problems before they become more serious can save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

The truth is that many foundation problems can be resolved with quick, easy, and permanent solutions. You will still need the help of a professional, but the good news is that many problems can be fixed in just a single day.

Sticking windows

Seattle Homes with Uneven Floors and/or Sloping Floors  

When your foundation settles over time, your floor joists settle along with it, affecting the finished flooring above. Take note of any uneven floor sections in your Seattle home's flooring and get Matvey Foundation Repair on the phone to get the problem fixed fast.

Inward Bowing Walls

The soil outside of your home can become saturated with water. When this happens, the soil can exert enormous pressure on your foundation walls, enough to make them bulge, tilt, or bow.

Seattle Homes with Sagging Floors Over a Crawl Space

Inadequate posts and beams that were spaced too far apart, have rotted, or settled can lead to sinking or uneven floors. Do not let sagging floors in your Seattle home go untreated. 

Concrete Floor Cracks

When the soil beneath your concrete erodes or settles, the concrete above can settle unevenly, leading to large cracks.

Interior Wall Cracks

Large cracks in your interior walls are telltale signs of a foundation problem that needs to be addressed.

Exterior Wall Cracks

Large cracks along the outside of your foundation walls are cause for concern. While small cracks are normal, larger cracks are often due to foundation settlement or expansive soils.

Windows and Doors that Are Difficult to Open

Windows and doors can start to jam when the floor sinks. You might also notice diagonal cracks forming at the top corners of your doors or windows.

Street Creep

Street creep is the pressure exerted against your foundation by the moving or expanding road outside your home. Street creep can be especially damaging to your driveway, causing cracks.

Seattle Homes with Tilting Chimneys

A tilting chimney separating from your Seattle home is a sign that foundation repairs are needed. This can happen because of inadequate chimney footing or supporting soils.

Call Matvey Foundation Repair Today!

Now that you know what to look for, take a look around your home or building to see if there are any telltale signs of foundation problems. If you’ve already found one, Matvey Foundation Repair can help. Give us a call at 253-327-1650. We will even give you a free estimate on your repair.