Wall Crack Repair in Seattle

Cracks in your exterior or interior foundation walls can be a nasty surprise. When you do find them, it’s important to know that they may indicate that your home is experiencing significant foundation settlement problems or issues with expansive soils. Matvey Construction is the most trusted professional concrete crack and foundation repair company in the Seattle area. Wall crack repair is a specialty of ours and our foundation repair team can save your home from further damage.

Wall cracks can happen in different ways in various parts of your home. You might find horizontal or vertical wall cracks along your foundation walls. You might also find “stairstep” cracks on concrete or brick walls.

Keep an eye out for bulging or buckling foundation walls, walls that are pushing in at the bottom, or walls that are pushing in at the top. These are indicators that your foundation is settling in a way that may cause damage to your Seattle home. Wall crack repair services can be costly, but with Matvey Construction, we take care of all of the headaches that come with foundation repair. 

Wall Crack Repair : Concrete Crack & Foundation Repair
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How to Fix Wall Cracks

Some smaller cracks -- like those that are 1/16” wide or less -- you won’t need to worry about. These are normal hairline cracks caused by curing concrete. However, most cracks, especially those that are wide or ones that get wider toward the top, need professional attention. Contact our expert Seattle wall crack repair team for a professional service and a speedy turnaround time.

It’s not as simple as filling and sealing any cracks that you find. You also need to get the underlying cause of the cracks fixed.

The primary causes for wall cracks in Seattle homes is foundation settlement and expansive soils. A settling foundation means that the soils beneath your home are too weak to properly support it. In this case, your foundation will sink and settle unevenly and begin to crack.

Expansive soils are soils that surround your foundation walls and have begun to expand, exerting extreme pressure on your foundation walls.

To fix these issues, we use SafeBase helical piers and SafeBase push piers to stabilize and level foundations. We also use wall anchors to provide lateral support to walls. Matvey Construction is dedicated to providing the best concrete crack and foundation repair services in Seattle. Give us a call today!

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair to Fix Your Cracked Walls

When you partner with the team at Matvey Foundation Repair, you’ll have 20 years of experience in Seattle foundation repair on your side.

Our foundation repair specialists are ready and willing to get your foundation and structural issues fixed permanently. Call us today at 253-327-1650 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate. We’ll get your cracked walls taken care of the right way.