SafeBase Push Piers in Seattle

If your home or structure is suffering from foundation settlement, you may have seen the usual signs. Foundation settlement can result in cracked concrete floors or walls, sticking doors and windows, leaning chimneys, settled or upheaved concrete slabs, and more.

To get your foundation back to its original position and to permanently prevent foundation settlement problems going forward, SafeBase push piers offer the best solution.

What Are SafeBase Push Piers?

SafeBase push piers are long steel beams that are hydraulically pushed through a bracket until suitably stable soils or bedrock can be reached. Every pier is load tested during installation and driven until the correct resistance is achieved, providing a safety factor of two or three.

SafeBase push piers offer several configuration options, including standard duty, light duty, heavy duty, and commercial duty.

When to Use SafeBase Push Piers

SafeBase push piers are the best and safest option when the soils around and underneath your home are unknown. If your home or structure is heavy, push piers are your best option. Push piers can be installed quickly, with minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape.

When you use SafeBase push piers, you will save an incredible amount of money by avoiding the costs of removing and replacing your foundation. Push piers can be installed so that you can keep your current foundation, while restoring its original position and stability.

SafeBase push pier installation even includes a 25-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Push Piers Installation Seattle, Washington

Free Estimates for Push Pier Installation

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