Tilting Chimney Repair in Seattle

If your home is experiencing foundation settlement issues, one of the most alarming indicators can be a tilting chimney. It may look as though your chimney is leaning away or separating from your home. Also, you may notice cracks where the foundation of the chimney meets your home’s foundation. Another sign that your chimney has been affected by foundation settlement is gaps between the chimney and wall filled with mortar, foam, or caulk.

Causes of Tilting Chimneys

There are several specific reasons why your chimney is leaning away from your home.

One possible issue is if your chimney is missing or has an inadequate chimney footing. That is a design issue, meaning it didn’t have the proper structural support from the beginning.

However, foundation settlement is one of the most common causes, especially if someone built your home on poor supporting soils or poorly compacted soil. In this case, the soil beneath your home may not be strong enough to support your home or its chimney properly.

How to Repair a Tilting Chimney

The best solution for a tilting or leaning chimney is to address the soil issues beneath your home. To do this, Matvey Foundation Repair uses SafeBase Helical Piers to stabilize and level your foundation. Helical piers are large metal rods that are “screwed” into the ground until they connect with stable soil or bedrock, providing the support your home’s foundation needs.

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