Tacoma Sunken Concrete Repair

Have you noticed that your sidewalk, driveway, or patio is sinking? Do you find yourself tripping on the edges of your sunken concrete? We are glad you’re here! At Matvey Foundation Repair, we can handle all kinds of concrete problems, and we are proud to offer a cost-effective sunken concrete repair in Tacoma. Don’t rip out your existing concrete without talking with us first! We can likely salvage your concrete slab and simply lift it back into position.

It is normal for concrete slabs to sink or tilt, and this is due to issues with the soil below. Soil expands when it gets wet, especially if it’s clay-rich soil, and loses volume again when it dries. Repeated cycles of moisture, freezing, or erosion can weaken the soil’s ability to hold up the heavy concrete. Over time, air pockets form or the soil gets compressed, and the slab sinks. If you have sunken concrete around your property, don’t worry, the concrete repair pros at Matvey Foundation Repair can help! We use the innovative poly concrete leveling method for all of our Tacoma sunken concrete repair jobs.

There are a few different ways to lift a concrete slab, but polyurethane foam delivers superior results to methods like mudjacking. Installation is minimally invasive and the foam cures in less than an hour, letting you get back to your life faster. The expanding foam gives a more precise lift and is ultra-light, meaning it won’t contribute more weight on top of the soil or lead to future sinking. Matvey Foundation Repair is a trusted leader for poly concrete leveling services in Tacoma, and we’ve helped hundreds of people avoid the hassle of total concrete replacement.

If your concrete slabs are still in decent shape but are simply sunken, there is a simple and long-lasting solution. Give us a call at Matvey Foundation Repair today and ask for your free inspection, and we’ll tell you if you’re a good candidate for polyurethane sunken concrete repair in Tacoma!