Bellevue Foundation and Waterproofing Services

There are only a few things more important than the health of your home. When there are so many subtle forces affecting your home at all times, it’s important that you have a foundation and concrete repair service in Bellevue you can trust. With Matvey Foundation Repair, you can rely on our 20 years of industry experience to protect your home against the elements that threaten your foundation and basement.

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Our Services

Matvey Foundation Repair offers a wide range of services that will restore any damage to your concrete or foundation and protect your home for the foreseeable future.

Foundation Repair

When the soil around or underneath your home compresses, sinks, shifts, or settles, your foundation can be affected. When this happens, your home’s structural elements can become damaged over time. Matvey Foundation Repair in Bellevue has several quick and permanent foundation & concrete repair solutions to prevent it from happening again.

Basement Waterproofing

Hydrostatic forces are constantly pressing in on your basement walls, threatening to let water enter your home. That can cause small cracks to form in your foundation walls, allowing water in, potentially causing water damage over time. Matvey Foundation Repair’s basement waterproofing service in Bellevue can waterproof your basement using sump pump systems and the SafeDrain Drain system so that any excess water is safely redirected away from your home, preventing water damage entirely.

Concrete Leveling

If you have any uneven concrete slabs in or around your home, we can restore them to their original position and prevent future settling. We can inject a polyurethane foam with poly concrete leveling that will lift your concrete slabs and fill the empty space beneath them.

Floor Coating

We can stylize and protect your concrete floors with Penntek floor coating. Your concrete floors will resist the damaging effects of chemicals, abrasions, impacts, tires, and UV rays.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair

If you would like a free consultation about foundation and concrete repair in your Bellevue home or information about our other concrete, foundation, or basement waterproofing services, call us to schedule an appointment!