Sticking Window and Door Repair in Seattle

Have you noticed that your doors and windows have been sticking or jamming lately? Maybe the locks on your doors aren’t locking properly anymore. If so, you should know that these can be big signs that your home has foundation problems that need professional attention.

Other signs include diagonal cracks at the top corners of window and door openings, door and window frames that are out of square, and uneven or sagging floors.

If you notice issues like this around your home, call the professionals at Matvey Foundation Repair right away to get it taken care of.

Causes of Sticking Windows and Doors

Your foundation affects every structural element throughout your home. When something goes wrong with your foundation, you are likely to find several symptoms of the issue in different parts of your home. Sticking windows and doors are one of those many symptoms.

One of the two most common causes of sticking windows and doors is foundation settlement. If the soil beneath your home is weak, eroded, or washed out, empty spaces or voids can be created.

When this happens, there is nothing to support your foundation and so it will begin to sink unevenly. This can cause damage all throughout your home, including cracking concrete and walls, uneven floors, and sticking doors and windows.

Another common cause is sinking crawl space supports. It’s commonplace for crawl spaces to lack the correct number of support columns or to have rotting floor joists and girders. Weak supporting soil doesn’t help, either. As your crawl space sinks, your doors and windows will likely be affected.

Column mortar joints after push pier installation.

The Best Solution for Foundation Repair

If you’re in the greater Seattle area and you’re dealing with sticking or jamming doors and windows, contact Matvey Foundation Repair at 253-327-1650 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today. We’ll get your doors and windows working like they should.