retaining wall repairs

Retaining Wall Repair in Olympia, WA

This Olympia homeowner called Matvey because they had a retaining wall that was leaning over. They called at the right time because if they had waited any longer we may not have been able to complete the repairs. Our experienced crew corrected the wall and strengthen it so the problem will not occur again. The homeowners were very happy with the entire process and loved how professional our crew was!


Door Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

These homeowners in Mountlake Terrace noticed a big gap between their door frame and door and didn't know how to fix it. They called Matvey for a FREE consultation and our experts found that the door was installed improperly and it would be a simple fix for our experienced crew. The homeowners were impressed by our expertise and were happy that they chose us!


Push Piers Installation in Mountlake Terrace, WA

This commercial property in Mountlake Terrace noticed several foundational issues that they felt could lead to bigger problems. They called Matvey for a FREE consultation and our experts found that there was not enough stable soil around their foundation so it was unstable. The business owners gave the go-ahead to start the repairs and we quickly sent a crew out who installed push piers to stabilize the foundation and help the building regained its structural integrity. The property owners were very happy that they chose us and felt very comforted by our expertise!


Concrete Lifting & Leveling in Lynnwood, WA

This customer in Lynwood noticed that the front steps of their home had sunk a few inches so they gave Matvey a call. As you can see on the before picture, there was a 2" dip that was leveled out after the poly injection. The homeowner was very happy with the speed of the process and now can enjoy their safe stairs!


Concrete Lifting with Poly in Lynnwood, WA

The slab on the steps of this Lynnwood home was cracked and moved away from the base of the steps. After the poly injection, the crew was able to even up the slab and remove the tripping hazard. The homeowners were amazed at the durability and ease of the poly leveling concretel!


Foundation Repair in Mountlake Terrace, WA

This homeowner in Mountlake Terrace had a few foundation issues due to the way that the home has settled over the years. The cracks in the basement and the sinking concrete were red flags to the homeowners but they didn't know what could be done to stop the issue from getting any worse. The experts at Matvey installed a push pier system to stabilize and lift the foundation. Now they homeowners don't have to worry about any further foundation issues!


Retaining Wall Repair with Geo-Lock in Seattle, WA

This residential retaining wall in Seattle was failing due to poor soil conditions. Once Matvey came out to take a look at the problem we knew exactly how to resolve this issue. Our crew installed Geo-Locks which is what we have found to be the most effective method when it comes to retaining wall repair. Our team did a great job repairing this wall and the homeowners were blown-away by the quality of the work!


Foundation Repair in Seattle, WA

These homeowners in Seattle noticed that their floors were sagging in areas so they called Matvey to get a more in-depth explanation of the problem. Our experts quickly identified that the issue was due to lack of structural support in the basement. Our crew knew just how to resolve the issue so once they were given the go-ahead they installed 23 smart jacks and 5 pressure treated beams. The homeowners were relieved it was such a simple fix for us and they now have total peace of mind!


Concrete Lifting & Leveling under Steps in Seattle, WA

These steps and walkway were VERY unlevel and became a hazard for the homeowner. We were able to level out the steps and walkway by using poly injections. Now, this Seattle homeowner can use their steps without having to worry about the tripping hazard!


Poly Injection on Front Entry in Seattle, WA

The entry slab on this Seattle, WA home had a major void underneath that was causing a tripping hazard. Our crew arrived and injected poly leveling concrete to fill a huge void. The customer was very happy with the entire process and was grateful that we removed the dangerous tripping hazard!


Seattle, WA Concrete Lifting of Front Steps

The steps at this Seattle, WA home were uneven and over the years had sunk about an inch. Our crew drilled two small holes in the concrete(see after photo) and then made the poly injections. The steps are now back up to their original height and the homeowners couldn't be happier!


Concrete Lifting & Leveling on Front Stoop in Seattle, WA

This stoop in Seattle, WA had sunk over the years and was sloping further down on the right side. The homeowners called Matvey to see what our team could do it help. Our crew knew that a precise poly injection would be the best bet to solve this issues in the most cost-effective way. We lifted the front step in conjunction with the 6’x20’ slab underneath. These homeowners were very happy to have this issue resolved and said they would recommend Matvey to their family and friends!