Tacoma Commercial Waterproofing Contractors 

Do you own a business in Tacoma and want to protect that investment from the dangers of moisture? The PNW area is known for high humidity and precipitation. This puts you at greater risk for issues such as mold growth, wood rot, and structural problems. Thankfully, the Tacoma commercial waterproofing contractors at Matvey Foundation Repair can help!

Water damage can wreak havoc on your business and cost you valuable time, energy, and money. Investing in professional waterproofing should be a top priority, and our experts can give you the peace of mind you deserve. With our help, you will know your facility is protected from preventable harm. From a small storefront to an expansive commercial building, our commercial waterproofing experts can handle any job with skill, reliability, and unmatched customer service. We can create a custom waterproofing plan for your business that meets your budget and desired timeline.

moldy basement

Why Waterproof Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you own, it’s important to safeguard your assets from water damage. Warehouses, storage centers, office buildings, housing complexes, clinics, and retail stores are susceptible to water issues. Water issues can lead to warped flooring, dangerous mold growth, and a loss of structural integrity. Additionally, you might notice musty odors, damaged drywall, insect or pest infestations, and ultimately, a lowered property value.

Matvey Foundation Repair is your trusted commercial waterproofing contractor in Tacoma, and we’re standing by, ready to deliver long-lasting solutions for your business. 

water on floor in basement

Our Waterproofing Solutions

Thanks to our partnership with industry leader SafeBasements, we can offer our customers access to the top waterproofing products in the area. When our skilled technicians inspect your property, we will recommend a tailored combination of options to meet your specific needs. This combination for your Tacoma home may include floor drains, sump pumps, drain tiles, perimeter drains, vapor barriers, and structural and crack repairs. Each element is carefully chosen to ensure a comprehensive solution to your waterproofing needs without losing sight of quality and efficiency. 

Get in touch with Matvey Foundation Repair today to learn more about our Tacoma commercial waterproofing contractors. Ask for your free inspection and estimate to get started!