Foundation Services in Seattle

When it comes to managing the structural integrity of your home, it can be a constant battle. The soils around your home are slowly wreaking havoc on your home’s foundation. Without proper reinforcement, the structural elements of your home are slowly bending and breaking to those extreme pressures expansive soils can produce.

Concrete slabs can sink and crack or become uneven, making for unsightly tripping hazards. Brick and concrete walls can crack and separate. Chimneys can tilt or lean away from your home. Floors can sag or become uneven. There really is no end to the potential damage to your home when your foundation is at risk.

But you aren’t without good options you can rely on to get ahead of these problems. With Matvey Foundation Repair, we have over 20 years of experience in the industry supporting the good people of the greater Seattle area. We also have the best foundation repair and concrete repair products available to provide permanent solutions to your foundation or concrete issues.

For the ultimate confidence in our work, we manage a highly trained team of in-house foundation repair specialists who can inspect, analyze, and resolve any issue your home may be facing.

We provide warrantied foundation services on foundation wall stabilization, foundation wall straightening, crawl space repair, and foundation settlement repair.

Is It Better to Repair or Replace Foundation?

Demolishing, tearing out, and replacing your foundation is a lengthy and costly process. While it is crucial to take foundation issues as seriously as possible, it’s just as important to consider the alternatives.

Depending on the issues your foundation is experiencing, we very likely have cost-effective and permanent repair solutions that will fix your foundation’s problems.

Wall Crack Repair : Concrete Crack & Foundation Repair

Free Estimates on Foundation Services

If you are in the greater Seattle area and you need foundation or concrete repair services, give us a call at 253-327-1650 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today.