Crawl space repair in Seattle

One of the most serious problems you can experience with your crawl space is structural failure. When your crawl space isn’t sealed, it may be exposed to high humidity. Eventually, excess water vapor leads to condensation, mold, and wood rot. That means if you have support beams made of wood in your basement and a humid crawl space, your home is at risk.

Signs of deteriorating supports

Most homeowners don’t typically check out their crawl space regularly for problems, so excess moisture is sometimes hard to spot. We recommend getting it annually inspected. You should also consider calling for an inspection if you experience any of the following symptoms in your home:

  • Musty, unexplained odors
  • Cracks in interior drywall
  • Jammed doors and windows
  • Sloping or warped wood floors
  • Visible moisture in basement or on foundation
  • Allergy-like symptoms with no known allergen present
interior drywall crack

Crawl space repair solutions

At Matvey, our structural repair experts trust SafeBaseTM systems. Depending on your home’s unique build, we have two ways to permanently restore stability to your home.

SafeBaseTM Stabilizer

Crawl space stabilizers are designed with high-strength steel combined with concrete bases to provide support to sagging floor joints. The installation process is easy and quick and corrects sloping, uneven floors.

SafeBaseTM Lightfoot System

This innovative new stabilizer footing system is best for homes that have limited access to areas where concrete footings need to be installed. Designed with high-strength polyurethane foam, LightFootTM footings are lightweight, yet incredibly strong.

Schedule your free inspection.

Have you noticed sloping floors or other signs of crawl space humidity in your home? Reach out to our Seattle crawl space team today to schedule an inspection. We can give you an honest assessment and help you determine which repair option best suits your home and budget.