Sagging Crawl Space Repair in Seattle

When your crawl space doesn’t have the right level of support, floors can sink or become uneven and can even lead to severe structural damage. Even if you don’t use your crawl space, it is still part of your home, and damage to your crawl space damages your home.

Sagging crawl spaces can be caused by settling columns, inadequately spaced columns, and rotted joists, rafters, or posts. If you notice sagging floors upstairs, cracks in your drywall, moist or rotting wood, or skewed doors and window frames, give us a call to inspect the area.

SafeBase Floor Stabilizers

To fix sagging crawl spaces, we use SafeBase Floor Stabilizers to support sagging floor joists. SafeBase Floor Stabilizers are made from high-strength steel and, when combined with a new concrete base, can effectively reinforce crawl space beams and level sagging floors. The installation process is clean, quick, and efficient.

With SafeBase Floor Stabilizers in place, your crawl space will have enough support, and you won’t have to worry about a sagging crawl space ever again.

crawl space stabilizer

Let Us Fix Your Sagging Crawl Space

Matvey Foundation Repair has over 20 years of experience in the industry. We handle it all, including foundation repair and concrete repair for residential and commercial buildings. If you notice any structural damage in your crawl space or the rest of your home, including the warping of structural elements, we are the go-to service providers for crawl space repair in Seattle.

Contact us to book an appointment for a free estimate right now. By making an appointment, one of our technicians will visit your home, inspect the damage, and explain what caused the damage, as well as every step we take to fix it properly.