Seattle Warehouse Floor Repair

Commercial spaces are meant to be clean, safe, and efficient. And your floor has more to do with this than you may realize! If your concrete warehouse floor is sinking, cracked, or uneven, it’s time to reach out to the leader for warehouse floor repair in Seattle — Matvey Foundation Repair! After more than 20 years in the industry, we have the skills and methods required to restore commercial floors, and we can get your warehouse floor looking great again.

Cracked and Sinking Concrete

Concrete makes a great base material for commercial flooring, but it does tend to sink over time causing a need for industrial concrete repair for your floors in Seattle. This is mainly due to issues with the underlying soil, as it settles or erodes over time. However, just because your floor is showing some wear and tear, it doesn’t mean you have to tear it out and repour it. Thanks to our poly concrete leveling method, we can lift, level, and restore your concrete warehouse floor with ease. This method is a minimally-invasive and cost-effective method that cures in a matter of minutes and delivers lasting results.

Resurfacing deck


Concrete Leveling

Business owners are solving their warehouse floor repairs with the poly concrete leveling technique, and we know you’ll be pleased with the results. One of our technicians will drill small holes in the floor surface, and will inject an expanding polyurethane foam underneath the floor. As the foam expands, it accurately lifts the slab back into place. The foam is waterproof and eco-friendly, and won’t degrade over time. Plus, it’s extremely lightweight and won’t add more weight to the soil below, which reduces your risk of future sinking.

Keep your warehouse space safe for your employees, with a smooth and level floor. Matvey Foundation Repair is here to help you reduce your liabilities and protect your staff and inventory, with our warehouse floor repair services in Seattle. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free inspection and estimate.