Slab Pier Installation in Seattle

When the soils beneath or around your home shift, settle, become weak, or wash away entirely, voids can be created that your concrete slabs will settle to fill. This can lead to structural damage, as well as uneven or cracked concrete slabs. These are unappealing and dangerous, creating tripping hazards that could lead to serious injuries for you or your family members.

To fix this kind of problem, Matvey Foundation Repair uses slab piers.

What Are Slab Piers?

There are two types of slab piers to consider: Push slab piers and helical slab piers. Both options offer an expedient and effective solution to settlement issues. Neither option requires heavy equipment to install and no excavation is necessary. Installation can happen in the tightest of areas, including bathrooms and laundry rooms.

With push slab piers, piers are hydraulically driven through a bracket into the ground until contact is made with suitably supportive soils or bedrock. With helical slab piers, pier shafts that are equipped with helical blades are screwed down into the earth until competent soil is reached. The blades provide anchoring strength during this process.

Slab piers are a perfect option to restore and support concrete slabs in most situations. However, if your concrete slabs are especially thin or severely cracked, other solutions may be necessary.

Slab pier lift cylinder transferring load.

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