Wall Straightening in Bellevue

Have you noticed your foundation walls are tilting? Perhaps you’ve noticed a bowing, bulging, or sloping in your walls? We’re glad you’re here! Matvey Foundation Repair is the most trusted name in wall straightening in Bellevue, and we offer permanent, cost-effective solutions to any type of foundation issue.

Causes of Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

You may think that your foundation walls are tilting or bowing because they are weak or poorly made, but that’s often not the case. Most foundation wall problems are caused by the soils surrounding your home. Expansive soils can place a tremendous amount of inward pressure on your foundation, leading to bowing, tilting, or cracking over time. This is especially true when these soils take on moisture and expand, or that moisture freezes. 


bowing wall

Solutions to Bowing or Tilting Foundation Walls

Matvey Foundation Repair of Bellevue can take great care of you and your home, no matter the current condition of your foundation walls. We have several solutions to straighten and stabilize and straighten walls in your Bellevue area home that can restore your foundation’s structural integrity, and your peace of mind.

We are thrilled to use the SafeBase products in our foundation repair work. The SafeBase Wall Anchors is a great, permanent solution for overcoming lateral forces. Using these durable anchors we can connect your walls to competent soil outside your Bellevue home. The Waler Wall system is also known as the SafeBase Support system and can work with these anchors to bolster compromised walls.

If it is shear forces that your home is dealing with, the expert Bellevue wall straightening professionals at Matvey may recommend the SafeBase Carbon Fiber system. This is the most durable solution on the market today for wall straightening This uses ultra-secure brackets and carbon fiber straps to tighten and stabilize your foundation walls.