Crawl Space Stabilization Company in Tacoma

Matvey Foundation Repair is one of the top companies in Tacoma for crawl space stabilization services, and our team is here to restore your home to optimal integrity. Many homeowners don’t spend much time in their crawl spaces, but long-term neglect can allow potentially serious issues to take hold. Things like moisture infiltration, insects or other pests, mold growth, wood rot, and poor construction can result in structural decay in the crawl space, which can affect the entire home. Thankfully, we provide reliable, professional crawl space stabilization services for homeowners like you! 

After working on hundreds of crawl spaces throughout the area, we’ve found the best products and repair methods on the market today for the reinforcement and support of your Tacoma home’s crawl space. We often use the SafeBase™ Stabilization System for its quality components and superior restoration capabilities, and we can recommend the right option for your needs. If you’ve noticed musty odors, high humidity, or sagging or uneven floors, it’s time to look into crawl space stabilization! The SafeBase Stabilization System is a great option for remediating current problems as well as preventing future structural issues. We recommend investing in the health of your crawl space—it will pay off over the life of your home.

Our Tacoma crawl space stabilization company depends on these products:


SafeBase™ Stabilization System

With strong concrete footers and corrosion-resistant steel beams, this system provides powerful support for your floors. Installation is usually straightforward, and this system is great for larger or more easily accessible crawl spaces.

SafeBase™ LightFoot™ Stabilizer Base

This system uses lightweight polyurethane foam footers instead of concrete, meaning that it won’t add any more weight to the soil. The LightFoot™ system is easier to install in tight areas and is a good choice if your crawl space is smaller.

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