Cracked Floor Repair in Seattle

Discovering that your concrete floors are sinking and cracking can really put a damper on your day. Cracks occur when concrete slabs begin to drop, either due to settled or eroded soil beneath the slab. That creates voids, which your concrete will sink further to fill. Sagged, sunken, settled, and cracked concrete slabs are unsightly and dangerous.

There are two primary options for repairing the underlying issues affecting your cracked floors. You can either install a push-pier system or implement poly concrete leveling. Your concrete slabs are connected to bedrock or stable soil with a push-pier system, keeping your slabs stable and level. With poly concrete leveling, technicians will inject polyurethane foam beneath sinking concrete slabs to fill voids in the ground for a quick and long-lasting solution.

tile floor cracking

Causes of Settling Concrete Floor Slabs

The soil beneath your concrete is the culprit. When that is weak, eroding, or settling, a void or space opens up beneath your slab. As a result, your concrete has nothing to support it, causing it to sink and settle.

The most common causes of soil issues are:

  • Drying or shrinking soil
  • Washout of soil
  • Poor compaction of fill soils

These issues lead to cracked concrete floors and potentially severe damage to your home. When you notice that your floors are cracked or sinking, you must get an inspection, as these are typical symptoms of other foundation problems that need addressing.

Soil and foundation repair

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