Commercial Helical Piles

Matvey Foundation Repair offers commercial helical pier installation services in Seattle. We specialize in delivering peace of mind to our customers, ensuring their buildings are securely anchored for years to come. Our helical pile services come with a 25-year warranty and are designed to provide highly adaptable foundation lifting and stabilization systems, making us the go-to solution for commercial structures facing foundation challenges.

commercial repair with helical piers

What are Helical Piles?

Helical piles are versatile foundation systems used to strengthen new commercial structures or anchor compromised foundations. These steel shafts with helical plates offer reliable support, adapting to various soil conditions, from rocky to marshy and clay soils. By driving these piles deep into the ground to reach compact soils or bedrock, we ensure a solid foundation for any structure. A helical pier system uses long metal shafts with blades or flights to evenly distribute the foundation load, providing deep foundation support. You might hear about a helical pier system being called helical piles, screw piles, helical anchors, helix piers, or helix anchors.

Why Choose Helical Piles?

Our helical piles, coupled with polymer injections, can stabilize soil and prevent foundation settlement effectively. The unique rigid three-bolt coupling system enhances durability and resistance to bending, offering a superior alternative to traditional foundation methods. Ideal for new construction, these piles are installed prior to concrete slab pouring, providing a quick, efficient, and cost-effective foundation solution.

In Seattle, using helical piles, allows us to customize for any commercial project’s foundational needs. Similarly, helical piers are appropriate for just about any type of project, including commercial buildings, residential buildings, and new construction. Soil type doesn’t matter, either. Helical piers can be used to repair or construct projects on any kind of soil. That includes unstable topsoil, areas with higher groundwater levels, and any environment with above-average seismic activity. When it comes to helical pile installation here in Seattle, you can expect less disruption compared to older or outdated foundation support systems. Plus, there is no cure time to worry over with the ability to load helical piers right after installation. Helical piers were designed to provide a stable foundation in the most dangerous and unstable circumstances. These devices have been used and improved upon for over a century.

Advantages of Helical Pile Systems:

  • Quick and vibration-free installation
  • Immediate concrete pouring post-installation
  • Year-round installation capability
  • No ground disturbance or weather delays
  • Supports soil stabilization and lifts foundations to their original position
  • Competitive costs and high resistance to bending
helical piers in ground

Commercial Stabilization with Polymer Injection

To further enhance foundation stability, Matvey Foundation Repair utilizes a polymer injection process alongside helical piles, densifying and compacting the soil. If you observe signs of foundation distress, such as bulging walls, large cracks, or sloping floors, helical piles can be crucial for your commercial property.

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair for Reliable Foundation Solutions

Matvey Foundation Repair is Seattle’s premier expert in foundation repair, waterproofing, floor coating, and poly concrete leveling. With over 25 years of experience, we offer award-winning service along with extensive, warrantied solutions, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. Contact us today at 253-327-1650 if you have any helical pile needs here in Seattle. We will provide a free estimate on your commercial property.