Wall Anchor Systems in Seattle

The soils around your home are a little more dangerous than you might think. Right now, they are exerting an incredible amount of pressure on your foundation walls, pushing inward as best they can. If those soils swell with moisture or freeze over, they will expand, and your foundation walls will begin to bow or buckle.

Given enough time, if you ignore the signs of foundation damage, your basement walls might collapse inward entirely. You don’t need to wait for that to happen, and you don’t need to worry about replacing your foundation walls, either. You can solve the problem right away with a wall anchor system.

Benefits of a Wall Anchor System

A wall anchor system is a permanent solution to your bowing basement wall problem. Our wall anchor system uses heavy-duty, galvanized earth anchors to connect your basement walls with stable soil so they can adequately resist the lateral forces of unstable ground. We can install wall anchor systems any time of year, and most installations are finished in a single day. There’s no need to worry about damaging interior flooring, either.

For your peace of mind, we warranty our work for 25 years. As an added benefit, any walls that have bowed or warped may straighten out with a wall anchor system.

3-4 view anchor

Free Estimates on Wall Anchor Systems

Matvey Foundation Repair has been Seattle’s authority on foundation repair for over 20 years. Do you want the best opportunity to repair your foundation permanently? Then you will appreciate the help of our highly trained foundation repair specialists. If you’re starting to see signs of warping in your basement walls, there is no time like the present to fix the problem permanently.

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