Bellevue Poly Concrete Services

Your concrete offers your home an incredible amount of value, so making sure it stays level through the years is crucial. Whether you have a driveway, sidewalk, pool deck, patio, or garage, your concrete can be affected by the soil beneath it. 

When soil shifts or sinks, a space forms underneath your concrete slabs. That forces your concrete to settle or sink unevenly, creating a dangerous and unsightly tripping hazard for those in your home. 

Uneven concrete is not only dangerous; it can diminish the value of your home as well as its curb appeal. If you find any uneven concrete slabs around your home, give a call to Matvey Foundation Repair in Bellevue. With our poly concrete leveling and foundation repair service, we can restore your concrete back to its original position permanently.

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Poly Concrete Leveling with Matvey Foundation Repair

We can restore your concrete to the level position on the same day we come out with our poly concrete service in Bellevue. We can use poly concrete leveling in tight spaces and without tearing up your property. Best of all, the process is quick. 

By injecting polyurethane foam under your slabs, we can fill the voids left behind by shifting soils. The foam will lift your concrete back to its original position, with a cure time of just 15 minutes. Our polyurethane foam won’t degrade over time, and it’s waterproof. That means Residents in Bellevue can expect permanent concrete leveling and foundation repair every time. 

We can use poly concrete leveling in most places where concrete can be found, including:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks 
  • Backyard patios
  • Walkways 

If your concrete needs leveling, do not hesitate to give us a call. Our reputation is solid.

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