Sump Pump Systems

If your basement is prone to water leaks or vulnerable to water damage, one of the best things you can do is install a sump pump system. Water is a constant threat to your home and its foundation, able to wend its way through the smallest of gaps and enter your basement. When this happens, not only is the structural integrity of your foundation at risk, but standing water can lead to mold growth, various health issues, and even bug infestations.

With Matvey Foundation Repair, you can get your basement equipped with a reliable sump pump system to direct water away from your home and minimize the risk of water damage going forward.

How Does Water Get in Your Basement?

There are many answers to this question, but the most common cause of water entering a basement is hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure caused by moisture-saturated soils surrounding your home.

By itself, soil already exerts a large amount of pressure on your foundation walls. When saturated with water, the pressure exerted by that soil becomes extreme. While this is happening, your foundation can be damaged, and water can find its way through even the smallest of cracks.

Hydrostatic Press slide

Why Get a Sump Pump System?

With primary and backup sump pump systems installed in your basement, water is quickly and effectively captured and directed away from your home, so it does not suffer water damage. That is especially useful during floods or heavy rain so that excess water never enters your basement to begin with.

sump pump installed

Call Matvey Foundation Repair for Free Estimates on Sump Pump Installation

If your basement is at risk of water damage, consider getting a sump pump system installed. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation, call us today at 253-327-1650! Matvey Foundation Repair offers free estimates on sump pump installations for your consideration.