Signs of Water Damage: Pests In Basement

When most people think of water damage, they think of mold. But mold growth is only the beginning of potential problems caused by too much moisture! Many bugs absolutely love a dark, humid environment and you could be creating a welcoming atmosphere for them and not even know it. If you have noticed bugs or other pests in your basement, it’s time to call us at Matvey Foundation Repair. Unlike an exterminator who simply sprays chemical deterrents, we can get to the root cause of why those unwanted creepy crawlies are there and provide a lasting solution to keep them out! 

Of all the signs of water damage, insects and pests are some of the most off-putting. Many insects thrive in a high-moisture environment, and will likely make their nests in your basement or crawl space if the area isn’t properly waterproofed. One of the many benefits of our Seattle basement waterproofing services is the prevention of bugs. If you want a clean, dry, and insect-free basement, we can help.

signs of water damage in basement

There are many different bugs that are attracted to basements in the area, including spiders, termites, cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, and pillbugs. However, the infestations don’t stop there when you have a poorly-insulated basement. You could also experience other pests making their home there including rats, mice, and snakes. The best way to protect your home from these potentially-destructive invaders is with professional basement waterproofing and/or crawl space encapsulation. 

Matvey Foundation Repair proudly provides the best waterproofing services in Seattle, and we can help you safeguard your home from pests. Our team of experts has helped thousands of people just like you over the past 20+ years make the best investments in their homes. Waterproofing can be a cost-effective way to prevent bug infestations, along with preventing mold, wood rot, and structural damage. It can save you money on your energy bills too! 

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