SafeBase Helical Piers in Seattle

When the soils underneath your home are weak, washed out, or otherwise unable to support the weight of your home, your foundation will likely begin to sink and settle. If your foundation settles, you may begin to notice evidence of structural damage throughout your home, including cracking walls and floors, sagging floors, jamming doors and windows, and more.

To fix your foundation, one option is SafeBase helical piers.

What Are SafeBase Helical Piers?

SafeBase helical piers are a foundation support system that prevent foundation settlement by lifting the foundation back to a level position. To do this, piers that are fitted with helical blades are screwed into the ground until bedrock or stable soil are reached. Once an appropriate depth is reached, the piers are bolted or molded into your structure’s foundation.

What makes helical piers an incredible foundation solution is their easy installation. Helical piers can be installed on any day of the year and in any weather conditions. Without the need of heavy equipment to excavate the area, you can save a significant sum of money when compared to other solutions.

After installation, the weight of your structure will no longer be supported by the weak soils beneath it. Instead, your structure will be supported by more suitable soils or bedrock. We will then lift your structure back to a level position, if possible, and replace the soil around the foundation.

The Best Applications for Helical Piers

Helical piers are an excellent option for lighter structures, like smaller homes, decks, or stoops. If your home is in need of a lift back to its original position, helical piers offer one of the best opportunities to get it done affordably. If you need minimal disturbance during installation, along with a fast installation process, you need helical piers.

commercial repair with helical piers

Choose Matvey Foundation Repair for Helical Pier Installation

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