Waterproofing Solutions in Everett

For trusted basement waterproofing system solutions in Everett, look no further than Matvey Foundation Repair. We have cutting-edge products and techniques that can protect your home from devastating water damage, and we can customize them to suit your needs. Matvey Foundation Repair  uses a variety of proven basement waterproofing system products, including the following:

  • Sump Pump Baskets
  • Sump Pump Dehumidifiers
  • SafeTrack Water Evacuation
  • SafeDrain Waterproofing System
  • SafeEdge MAX
  • SafeEdge Low Profile
  • SafeEdge High Profile
  • Multi-Flow Drain Tile
full photo of water proofed basement

Matvey Foundation Repair is proud to offer a range of innovative products from SafeBasements, one of the top names in the industry. Our crew of friendly, experienced basement waterproofing experts in Everett can design, install, repair, and maintain these vital systems, keeping you and your family safe from water-related damage. For optimal protection, we recommend the full SafeBasements Premium Waterproofing System, which comes with the SafeTrack, SafeEdge channel, and SafeDrain products, along with the best primary and backup sump pumps available today.

The SafeDrain Drain System

In the instance that water does seep into your home, you can rest well when you have the SafeDrain system installed. This drain is specially designed to have a low profile and a wide opening, which reduces hydrostatic pressure and allows for smoother drainage. The SafeDrain connects with your home’s sump pump to easily divert water outside of your basement. This unique product features a tight seal that protects against condensation and gases like radon, as well.

Multi-Flow Drain Tile

For the best basement waterproofing system in Everett, we recommend the Multi-Flow Drain Tile. This is a uniquely designed perforated pipe that goes around the perimeter of your basement, which controls the flow of water to maintain soil and foundation stability. For your home in Everett, we recommend the Multi-Flow Drain Tile. This keeps things moving slow and steady, and easily hooks up with your sump pump for hassle-free drainage.

Sump Pumps

Matvey Foundation Repair always recommends having  primary and backup sump pumps in your Everett home, so you can always breathe easy knowing your home is protected. Sump pumps are a key piece of any basement waterproofing strategy, and works with all of the other SafeBasements products.