Warrantied Wall Anchor Systems in Tacoma

For bowing or tilting foundation walls, wall anchor systems are a great solution for your Tacoma home. This is a time-tested method that involves durable steel plates anchored inside your walls attached to anchors outside in your yard. Wall anchors are effective at preventing structural damage and stabilizing a weak foundation. 

Signs That You Need Wall Anchors

The best foundation wall anchor systems in Tacoma are right here at Matvey Foundation Repair. These systems can address many common problems, including:

  • Cracking foundation walls
  • Inward bowing or bulging walls
  • Inward sliding walls
  • Inward tilting walls

One great advantage of wall anchors is that they can be completely customized to your unique home. Our Tacoma foundation repair team can design and install the ideal anchors for you!

How Wall Anchors Work

When you choose to work with Matvey, you’ll have access to the best products in the industry from SafeBasements. We use the SafeBase Wall Anchor system, which is less messy, more durable, and easier to install than other brands. 

Our wall anchors are made from galvanized steel giving you natural resistance to wear and corrosion. Installations can typically be done in less than a day for immediate results, and each is backed by our performance warranty. Our friendly, experienced crew will be sure to respect your property, minimizing disruptions to your landscaping. Our team has some of the best wall anchors systems in Tacoma and the surrounding areas.

Tacoma Foundation & Concrete Repair: Basement Waterproofing

SafeBasements™ Wall Anchor Products SafeBase™ Wall Anchor System

Protect your home against lateral forces, with this patented wall anchor system. Our expert installation and foundation repair team in Tacoma has done this for a long time.  Matvey Foundation Repair of Tacoma recommends these unique anchors because they are adjustable and can keep your walls straight no matter the soil conditions outside.

Advantages Of SafeBase™ Wall Anchors:

  • Fast Installation
  • Higher Holding Capacity
  • Mess & Hassle-Free
  • Patented Hardware
  • Tested & Proven Engineering

The SafeBase™ Wall Support System

To maximize strength and stability, we often combine the Wall Anchors with the SafeBase Waler Wall Support system. 

Advantages Of SafeBase™ Waler Wall Support Systems:

  • Works with Wood or Cement
  • Added Support
  • Designed for SafeBase™ Anchor System
  • Unique & Original Design

Wall Anchor Covers

To achieve a seamless, appealing finish, the wall anchor components can easily be hidden with the anchor covers. This is perfect if you wish to finish your basement.

Advantages of Wall Anchor Covers:

  • Allows for Basement Finishes
  • Snap-On Design
  • Sleek Coverage

Free Foundation Repair Quote

If your basement walls are bowing or tilting, give Matvey Foundation Repair a call and learn more about our wall anchor systems available in Tacoma. We can come to your home and tell you if wall anchors are a good choice for you. Reach out for your free repair estimate today!