Seattle Drainage Systems

Water damage in your basement can lead to serious health issues for you and your family, damage to your home and foundation, and even bug infestations, so you want basement drainage solutions here in Seattle you can depend on.

With Matvey Foundation Repair, you can protect your basement and foundation from water damage with our drainage systems. Our two primary basement floor drains for your Seattle home use technology from SafeBasements, including the SafeDrain Drain System and Multi-Flow Drain Tile.

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How Water Gets Into Your Basement

There are several ways water can find its way into your basement. The most common ways include damage or cracks in your foundation walls and floors, damaged plumbing, and sump pump failure. The biggest culprit, however, is hydrostatic pressure.

Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure created by the water content in your home’s surrounding soils. When those soils swell and saturate with water, the soils expand, pressing against your foundation with incredible force. When this happens, water will find the smallest gaps in your foundation and enter your basement.

The SafeDrain Drain System

The SafeDrain Drain System from SafeBasements is a drainage system that is installed around the edges of your basement. SafeDrain is then connected to your sump pump system. This allows for the easy and efficient capture of any water in your basement, directing that water away from the home to avoid water damage.

The SafeDrain Drain System is equipped to fight hydrostatic pressure, and includes a rubber seal that blocks out any moisture or gasses that come from the surrounding soil.

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The Multi-Flow Drain Tile System

Multi-Flow Drain Tile works in tandem with SafeDrain to direct water away from your home. In this case, a perforated pipe is installed around the edges of your basement, allowing water to be drained away using a unique water-draining process. Water is drained steadily to avoid pressure build-up against your home’s foundation. By connecting with your home’s sump pump system, water is effectively sent away from your home, protecting your basement and foundation.

rock drainage system in basement perimeter

Free Estimates on Seattle Drainage Systems

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