Helical Anchor Tiebacks

At Matvey Foundation Repair, we use helical anchors to give foundation walls and retaining walls with unbalanced earth pressures the lateral stability they need to maintain structural integrity. To do this, we install using hand-held equipment like skid steers, track hoes, backhoes, mini-excavators, and crane-supported rigs to meet the needs of any application.

Helical anchor tiebacks offer a high-speed and relatively inexpensive solution to bowing basement walls and similar structural damage that might need a foundation repair in Seattle. When installed, basement walls are protected against any future shifting and bowing.

The Advantage of Using Tiebacks

With helical anchor tiebacks, we can load and test anchors without delay with no need to wait for concrete to cure, making our tiebacks the best cost-effective solution for any project. Helical anchor tiebacks offer the following advantages to consider:

  • Helix blade design achieves optimal embedment and capacity
  • Predictable holding strength
  • Installable in limited or tight space areas
  • Installable in any weather
  • No messy grout
  • No spoils to worry about
  • Immediate load testing
  • Optional hot-dip galvanizing for superior corrosion protection

Helical anchor tiebacks have a proven history of reliable and predictable results, producing an efficient and cost-effective earth-retention system. Helical anchors can be installed with standard drilling equipment and hold up to 200,000 pounds per anchor. Because helical anchors can be tested immediately, it is much easier to save money and keep ahead of schedule, even considering more complex projects.

Helical Tiebacks Installation Washington

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