Seawall & Bulkhead Repair near Seattle

Keeping your marina property’s bulkheads and seawalls healthy is an unavoidable part of shoreline living. They provide protection from erosion caused by both storm and tidal waters. Neglecting to maintain your seawall can lead to wall structural failure, causing coastal erosion and significantly lowering your property’s value.

Typical Signs of Seawall Failure

Rust Stains

If you start seeing rust stains appear on your seawall or bulkhead, it could mean that the anchor rods are corroding. Not only does this weaken the steel components, but it also causes them to expand. Without repairs, this will eventually lead to additional concrete damage.

Changes in Soil Levels

Loss in soil volume generally means that there is inadequate water drainage happening behind the seawall. This problem can also cause other symptoms like:

  • Sinkholes along the cap edge
  • Gaps between soil and the cap edge
  • Pooling water close to the seawall cap
Cracked Concrete

Cracks in your seawall or bulkhead are an obvious sign that it is beginning to fail. They most often happen just below the cap or at the barnacle line. In either case, they indicate hydrostatic pressure behind the wall that will eventually cause severe damage.

Leaning Walls

Seawalls that lean outward, whether from the top or the bottom of the wall, indicate an issue that needs to be inspected. If your wall is leaning from the top, it typically means there is a drainage problem. Walls that lean from the bottom may be due to front berm loss underneath the water line.

Residential Seawall Repair

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