Crawl Space Repair Experts in Bellevue.

Most crawl spaces are “out of sight, out of mind,” and while it may not be necessary to check your crawl space every day, long-term neglect can allow many problems to go unnoticed. The health of your crawl space can affect the comfort, efficiency, and security of your entire home! Many homes have excess moisture in the crawl space area, which can result in pest infestation, poor air quality, structural damage, and more. It’s important to work with a qualified Bellevue crawl space repair team to properly diagnose and fix these issues.

Here at Matvey Foundation Repair, we provide free inspections, so you can have confidence in the recommended repair solutions. Our team in Bellevue offers crawl space inspections and encapsulation, in addition to mold removal, waterproofing, and structural restoration.

wet crawl space
moldy walls
Mold control

Poor air quality is a serious concern for many individuals and families. Mold, which thrives in crawl spaces, can deteriorate wooden support beams and release spores that pollute the air in your home. Long-term exposure to these spores can cause allergies and other negative health effects. If our team discovers mold, count on us to remove it. We use a HEPA system to capture airborne spores, and we’ll recommend a permanent, preventative solution for moisture control.

Nasty Crawl Space

To effectively prevent moisture buildup, we offer crawl space encapsulation services in the Bellevue area. Encapsulation provides long-term humidity control. Our team can install an anti-microbial and fire-retardant vapor barrier to offer an additional layer of protection and sealing effect for your crawl space.

bad joists flooded crawl space
Structural repairs

Maintaining a healthy crawl space involves more than just air quality. Excess humidity and mold can also cause wood rot, which can compromise the stability of your home. Your crawl space contains important support beams that, when deteriorated or sagging, can lead to uneven, sloping floors above the crawl space.

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