Chemical Grouting for Soil Stabilization

Soil instability poses a significant threat to the structural integrity of commercial buildings and infrastructure, and unstable soil can lead to cracks, sinking, and other structural issues. At Matvey Foundation Repair, we offer advanced chemical grouting services to stabilize soil.

    Understanding Chemical Grouting

    Chemical grouting is a specialized technique used for soil stabilization, involving the injection of chemical grout into the base soils. This process forms stone-like masses within the soil, providing essential support for structural loads. Traditional cement-based grouting is heavy, permeable, can crack easily, dry unevenly, and wear more quickly.

    Chemical grouting offers many advantages over cementitious grouting, including:

    • Lighter and more flexible
    • Less prone to cracking and wear
    • Improves soil strength and rigidity
    • Controls water flow and limits ground movement

      The Process

      Our chemical soil grouting process is proven. Our technicians utilize state-of-the-art equipment to inject structural polyurethane into the base soils through precise metal rods. This polyurethane quickly spreads throughout the soil, binding it together, filling gaps, and increasing strength.

      The results speak for themselves:

      • Increases soil strength
      • Reduces permeability
      • Prevents soil compression
      • Quick soil stabilization
      • Lessens inflow and leakage of water

        Benefits of Chemical Grouting

        Matvey Foundation Repair's chemical grouting solution provides crucial benefits, including:

        • Fast-acting and nondestructive approach
        • Environmentally safe; polyurethane is chemically inert
        • Expands up to 25 times its initial volume
        • Effective in displacing water and sealing leaks
        • Unaffected by wet conditions, contamination, and acidic environments

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