Effective Foundation & Concrete Services in Everett

Your home’s foundation, concrete, and basement are some of the toughest parts of your home, but they still need the care to keep your home in good condition. Foundations can settle, concrete can become damaged or uneven, and water is always trying to get into basements. 

With Matvey Foundation & Concrete Repair, you can depend on our 20 years of experience in the industry and high level of customer care to help you protect your home in Everett. 

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Matvey Foundation Repair can repair foundation damage, restore uneven concrete, coat concrete to protect it against damage, and waterproof basements in the Everett area. 

Lasting Foundation Repair

When the soil beneath your home can no longer support its weight, your foundation can sink. Most of the time, your home will settle unevenly, causing structural elements throughout your home to warp and become damaged. With the amazing foundation repair products from SafeBasements, Matvey Foundation Repair can restore and repair your foundation permanently.

Permanent Concrete Leveling

The soil underneath your concrete slabs can sink, settle, and shift, creating empty spaces your concrete tries to fill. This causes your concrete slabs to sink unevenly, resulting in a dangerous tripping hazard and a bad look for your driveway or patio. If any of your concrete slabs have become uneven in or around your home, we can permanently fix the problem.

With poly concrete leveling, our foundation and concrete repair experts in Everett can inject a long-lasting polyurethane foam underneath your concrete. This fills the empty space causing your concrete to sink, lifting your concrete back to its original, level position. This foam is waterproof and won’t degrade over time, making it a practical and permanent solution you can depend on.

Protective Floor Coating

If you have a garage, showroom, finished basement, or any space where you might need to protect your concrete from harm, floor coating will do it. Matvey's foundation and concrete repair services will coat your Everett home's floor with Penntek, a polyurea floor coating technology that’s four times stronger than store-bought epoxy.

Basement Waterproofing

Intense weather and hydrostatic forces can result in water finding its way into your basement, damaging your walls, floors, and belongings. To stop this from happening, Matvey Foundation Repair can install drainage systems and sump pumps to safely manage incoming water so water damage does not occur.

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