Concrete Repair

With Matvey Foundation Repair, you have a team of proven professionals on your side whenever you notice sinking, cracked, or uneven concrete around your home. Whether you saw these issues in your driveway, patio, or pool deck, we can restore your space. 

If you do notice cracked, uneven, or settled concrete, don’t wait on it. Concrete in this state can lead to tripping hazards, pooling water, and diminished curb appeal, lowering the value of your home. Before any of this happens, contact Matvey Foundation Repair in Seattle today for a free estimate on your concrete repair. 

When performing repairs, you can trust our highly trained specialists and the best foundation repair products to lift, level, seal, and otherwise protect the concrete around your home.

Cracked Concrete

If your concrete is cracked or broken, moisture may be seeping its way underneath the slab, softening or washing away the soil below. This can cause further damage to your concrete over time.

Our highly trained specialists can repair any such concrete slabs, improve safety, and restore its appeal.


leveling concrete

Concrete Leveling

With our poly concrete leveling service offered throughout Seattle, we can restore, lift, and level sinking or uneven concrete slabs wherever they may be. The poly concrete leveling service offers a faster, longer-lasting, and more waterproof solution than more traditional concrete leveling methods. The polyurethane foam used is environmentally friendly and won’t degrade or leach chemicals into the surrounding soil.

No matter the concrete issues you’re seeing around your home, Matvey Foundation Repair can fix your concrete. If you are located in Seattle, call today for a free concrete repair estimate with our team of over 20+ years of experience.