Foundation Repair in Skagit County, WA

If you’re a Skagit County resident in need of trusted foundation repair services, Matvey Foundation Repair is the professionals to depend on.

Skagit County, WA Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair Services

Our team of highly trained geotechnical engineers, structural coordinators, and design technicians can expertly handle any residential or commercial foundation repair projects.

Quality Concrete Leveling & Repair Services

When the soil beneath your concrete settles or washes away, voids are created that your concrete will sink to fill. This leads to cracking and sinking concrete. The best solution for this is poly concrete leveling, permanently lifting and leveling your concrete without the need to replace it.

Once repairs are made, we can use sealant for added protection. This helps your concrete resist debris, gasoline, oil, water, and more, extending its life by three to five times.

Foundation & Retaining Wall Repair in Skagit County

Foundation settlement can lead to serious structural damage throughout your home that only gets worse over time. The best solution for this is not to replace your foundation but to install helical piers. This connects your home to the stable soil or bedrock below your foundation, providing stable support permanently.

Matvey Foundation Repair can install SafeBase Carbon Fiber, the SafeBase Waler Wall Support system, and wall anchors for retaining walls that are succumbing to the lateral forces of expansive soils. Doing so will restore your retaining walls and permanently reinforce them against the pressures exerted by surrounding soils.

Powerful Floor Coating Services

For the best in garage floor coating, Matvey Foundation Repair uses Penntek, a floor coating solution that beats every alternative. Penntek is four times stronger than typical water-based epoxy floor coating and helps protect against UV rays, tires, abrasions, and chemicals.

Free Estimates on Foundation Repair Services in Skagit County, WA

If you would like a free estimate on your foundation repair project, give Matvey Foundation Repair a call at 253-327-1650 to schedule an appointment for a free estimate today!