A remodeled 1951 home located in Tacoma, WA was inspected by Matvey Foundation Repair due to supports being cut away and sagging floors during the remodel. Our design technician met the homeowner on site to inspect and give recommendations for repairs. Poor drainage was a big factor in the homes settlement problems.


Our crew used 4 different systems to make all the necessary repairs and finish the project:  

To correct the settlement issues, MatveyConstructionn installed 12 push piers to stabilize the settled foundation. Push piers were installed from depths of 9' to 14' with a capacity of 10.5 kips to stabilize the structure. 

To repair the sagging floors, we replaced a rotted beam in the basement area that supported the upstairs flooring. A 7' stabilizer system was used to stabilize the replaced beam and stabilize the above flooring. Along with the 7' beam, 4 more smartjack systems were placed in the interior and exterior areas to stabilize the 3'-4' crawlspace beam areas that needed support as well.

32 ft of injection was used to seal cracks in the foundation because large amounts of water were entering the crawlspace due to a thin slab. 

To alleviate drainage problems, catch basins were installed at each downspout. Catch basins help sustain proper drainage in the home and are a good preventive measure when dealing with standing water. Each catch basin installed was connected to a pop-up emitter leading 10' away from the home. Lastly, all roof drainage was diverted away from the structure.