Matvey Construction met with this Seattle homeowner at a local remodelers’ Expo. The client had spoken with one of our inspectors regarding a driveway retaining wall that was cracked and buckling. Once our inspector was on-site he noticed that the pressure from the expansive soils was causing the wall to tip. Our inspector recommended our geolock wall anchors to remedy the problem.


Matvey Construction’s approach to repairing the buckling wall was to stabilize with 5 12’ geolock wall anchors and position 16 weep holes to allow water to drain outside the wall and evaporate. Soil anchors were placed in the ground 10’ from the wall. Steel rods were then attached to the soil anchors extending through the retaining wall and wall plates. Large nuts are then screwed on to the end of the anchor rod securing each wall plate and stabilizing the wall as the nut is tightened. Our experienced crew was successful in stabilizing and straightening the retaining wall. The project took one day to complete with no work orders; a full report, photos and 75-year warranty was given to the client.