Matvey Construction recently donated push piers to resolve a homeowner’s concerns over expanding wall cracks and squeaking floors. After the foundation repair experts at Matvey completed the project and lifted the house back to its original position, all problems were solved.

Matvey installed a total of four push piers and ten SmartJacks, to secure the 3-story structure built in 1958. Push piers stabilize foundations from vertical settlement as they lift the building to a level position. The SmartJack system stabilizes settling columns or sagging floor joists, and thus helps to eliminate squeaky floors.

The homeowner first noticed small cracks forming over doors and windows which quickly expanded into large cracks. At the same time, the resident became aware of squeaking floors everywhere in the house. When the building’s front door would no longer close, the homeowner took action by contacting Matvey based on a friend’s referral. Smart move.

In diagnosing the cause of the issues, Matvey learned that an oil tank had been removed and the foundation may have been weakened when the soil that was put in the empty space was not sufficiently compacted.

The end result for the satisfied homeowner: no more squeaky floors and a front door that opens and closes without problems.

Matvey Construction specializes in foundation repair for both residential and commercial projects. Their repair services include foundation wall stabilization and straightening, crawl space repair, foundation settlement repair, and much more. As members of Foundation Supportworks, the nation’s leading network of foundation contractors, Matvey has exclusive access to cutting-edge products, such as SmartJack™, developed by expert geotechnical engineers.

Matvey Construction’s staff of trained and certified professionals provide their services in Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, and throughout the Washington area.