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Learn more about Matvey Foundation Repair, INC.'S recent work requests in Olympia, WA
Vicinity of Lake Lucinda Drive SW in Olympia
I have a corner of my garage foundation that has sunk putting a large crack in the foundation. I know have approximately a two inch gap under one end of my garage door.
Vicinity of Spruce Street SE in Olympia
Back patio concrete need lifted. Need estimate.
Vicinity of Johnson Point Rd NE in Olympia
First concern, foundation wall under master bedroom settled and caused cracks in foundation wall and adjacent basement wall, possible related door misalignment and other impacts. Second concern, carport area concrete cracked and settled, possibly water leak related. Garage roof support impacted by this issue.
Vicinity of Run Dr SE in Olympia
Moles have undermined the walkway over the years allowing water to get under it and it has cracked and sunk. Selling the house and need a cost affective quick solution. Thank you
Vicinity of Kinsale Lane SE in Olympia
A concrete section/slab in our driveway near our garage has sunken over time and now rain water pools there and seeps into garage.
Vicinity of Stirling Court SE in Olympia
Our back aggregate patio has cracked and needs a leveling boost. We are securing bids from Matvey and two other firms. We plan to complete the work in April.
Vicinity of Galloway St SE in Olympia
Have a cinder block foundation. It buckling and cracking in places
Vicinity of Bright Ct Sw in Olympia
8'x8' concrete slab for hot tub has dropped by 1". we are looking at options to get the slab level again.
Vicinity of in Olympia
There is a slab of the sidewalk concrete that has sunk on one side and is causing a tripping hazard to people walking on the sidewalk. When facing the house the slab to just to the left of the driveway. Can you please give me a bid to raise the sinking side of the concrete. Thanks
Vicinity of Summit Lake Shore Road NW in Olympia
Basement floor cracked and dipping to front. Possible exterior walkway work too.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Corner of garage is sinkimg
Vicinity of in Olympia
Corner of garage is sinkimg
Vicinity of Sleater Kinney Road NE in Olympia
Cracking window, doors won't close at both ends of house
Vicinity of Dana Street Ne in Olympia
My front porch concrete is cracked and one side is lower than the other
Vicinity of in Olympia
We bought a project house that has foundation issues. The house was built in pieces, and the problem area is dry stacked block. I dug underneath and discovered that it has no real footing under it. It will need to be addressed.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Front porch slab sinking
Vicinity of in Olympia
I have a 21'x10' patio along the back of my house and a sidewalk 14'x4' extended from it along the back of house that are very slightly tilted towards the house so the need to be lifted
Vicinity of Devon Lp NE in Olympia
We have a concrete porch that has sunk a couple of inches, and is very slightly angled towards the house now. Interested in finding out the cost of raising it. thanks -
Vicinity of in Olympia
Hi, We are selling our in Olympia in Sep. We recently had a home inspection which showed that we need to fix the following things: 1. Repair sidewalk/walkway to repair tripping hazard. Essentially the front walkway abutted to the home has two cracks and the appearance of sinking. Do you repair these? Thanks! Mike
Vicinity of Marian Dr NE in Olympia
I have a 4" retaining wall install in 1996 that is begining to lean and needs to be repaired
Vicinity of Bainbridge Loop NE in Olympia
One 4 x 3 ft section of concrete entrance pathway cracked and sinking
Vicinity of E Sarazen St SE in Olympia
Need to repair or replace driveway to meet covenant requirements.
Vicinity of Scott Creek Drive Sw in Olympia
I have a stick and post foundation and some water caused the ground around the one of the posts to sink and slip a little, causing the floor in our house to sink some.
Vicinity of Cooperpoint RD NW in Olympia
HI, I have stairs and an 8x8' landing going down a steep bluff to the beach. The existing wood 6x6 posts were only installed 18" deep and the soil has shifted some down hill exposing the small amount of concrete. I would need 2 piles installed. Can this be done with out heavy equipment? The area below the landing is slight slope, about 2-3' height over 8' run. The location is ~ 11' down from the top of the bluff and next to the existing landing. Thanks, Ed
Vicinity of Roosevelt St NE in Olympia
Cracks in the garage foundation. Uneven floors in house.
Vicinity of Mazama STR in Olympia
I would like a free estimate on making my house even again
Vicinity of in Olympia
I work for the City of Olympia Parks Department and we have several slabs of concrete that have settled and are causing tripping hazards. We will either demo and repour or possibly slab jack. I would love to talk with you about what you can do to lift the slabs. I was talking with our transportation folks and they are always wondering if slab jacking works but have never done it. Percival Landing is a perfect place to give it a try so I would like to talk with you
Vicinity of in Olympia
Dangerous ridges in driveway could represent a hazard to visitors.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Steps from driveway to porch are listing.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Cracking driveways and garage floor, buckling siding, settling rockery, opening sidewalk joints.
Vicinity of Capitol Blvd SW in Olympia
Want to have my foundation inspected to see if settling is occurring. I also have a retaining wall that is leaning, which I would also like inspected.
Vicinity of in Olympia
I have a front porch slab 4' x 4' that has broken away from the sidewalk and sinking. I also have part of a sidewalk where it meets the driveway that is raised.
Vicinity of Medallion Loop NW in Olympia
Driveway has water paddling. Seems slanted no drainage.
Vicinity of Buckthorn CT NW in Olympia
We various areas around the property with concrete that has settled.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Concrete patio 15' 8" x 9' 7" is cracked and is setteling downward away from the rest of the patio. The whole slab has pulled away from the slab next to the house by 1/2" to 3/4". The slab has cracked or broken in 3 places and dropped upto 1" to 1 1/2".
Vicinity of in Olympia
Recently purchased a home that has dry rot in the pier and beam foundation and would like to get an estimate for repairs
Vicinity of Green Cove St. NW in Olympia
A section of my garage floor has cracked and started sinking.
Vicinity of Ostrich Drive SE in Olympia
Concrete walkway is partially sunken
Vicinity of Mirimichi Dr Nw in Olympia
My front concrete patio has sunk about three inches over time. We built the house in 2003. The patio measures 6'8" deep by 30' long. Am looking for an estimate to bring it back to level. Even have it graded away from the home. Thank you
Vicinity of Bainbridge Loop NE in Olympia
Our entry sidewalk is sinking and lifting making a tripping hazard. It is two small concrete slabs. Thanks, Hope
Vicinity of Hoadly St SE in Olympia
Our driveway and front entry concrete has cracked and sunk toward the foundation.
Vicinity of Tullis St. NE in Olympia
Water entering through several cracks / holes in basement.
Vicinity of Covington Ct. in Olympia
We recently bought a home in Olympia, WA, and one corner appears to be lower than the rest of the house. We know there were some jacks installed where there had been some settling, but we would like to have this corner raised as well. Thanks
Vicinity of Waddell Creek Rd Sw in Olympia
I need a back patio level so I can sell my home. It's only an inch or two off.
Vicinity of Wilson St Ne in Olympia
Single crack in foundation likely associated with water drain pipe
Vicinity of in Olympia
Lift front and back door porches
Vicinity of in Olympia
Patio cracked and slipping
Vicinity of Covington Ct NE in Olympia
Sinking floor in living room.
Vicinity of Hixon in Olympia
My back patio has dropped about 1 1/2 inch and cracks in driveway
Vicinity of Alder Glen Dr. SE in Olympia
Vicinity of McCormick St NE in Olympia
1920 Craftsman, rotted mud sill, center bean has a bit of rot at the end. The house has an addition and I believe the mud sill has bug damage. There is also a small chimney on the addition I would like to remove (in the bug damaged area).
Vicinity of Central in Olympia
Multiple cracks in foundation. This foundation is part of a daylight basement.
Vicinity of Ostrich DR SE in Olympia
We have an offer in on a house with cinder block foundation. The inspection came back with some visible cracking and shifting of the blocks. The shifting was so severe it caused cracking in the walls of one of the rooms and a significant slope in the floor. A general contractor looked at it and said the supports could be fixed for $275 - nothing about the actual foundation.. This doesn't feel right to me and I am seeking a professional opinion. I can email the inspection report or arrange to have an onsite visit. I only have a couple days to make a decision.
Vicinity of Chestnut St Se in Olympia
I am looking to buy a home with a foundation problem. I need a quote prior to inspection. I have a walkthru today at 3pm if someone is available.
Vicinity of Red Alder Drive NE in Olympia
We have noticed that a corner of our kitchen floor is sinking slightly (towards the center of the house). We would like to have someone evaluate the cause and prepare a quote for correcting.
Vicinity of Rainwater CT Sw in Olympia
Our house has floors that are not level (badly) due to prior drainage issues. Main drainage situation has been fixed but I believe the garage floor may need to be slab jacked and some adjustments made to foundation piers.
Vicinity of Steamboat Island Road NW in Olympia
Two sections of front porch have settled. Sections are 5'x11' and 5'x14'
Vicinity of Meadow VIew CT Ne in Olympia
We have a set of steps to a back door that have settled over the past 10 years. They are pulling the siding down with them and we don't want to have to take them out if we can lift them
Vicinity of Arietta PL SE in Olympia
Crack in porch and crack in block foundation.
Vicinity of Huber Lane NE in Olympia
I have an exposed aggregate driveway with some cracking. I would like to get a price to fill and support the driveway.
Vicinity of Radius Loop in Olympia
I need to get the foundation inspection as soon as possible.
Vicinity of in Olympia
House is only 10 years old, and the front 8'x8' porch slab sunk a couple inches, and pulled the integrated roof off of the main house.
Vicinity of Marvin Rd Ne in Olympia
Have a project that is an office park and has several areas that are needing to be "jacked up" please call to discuss. Thank you
Vicinity of Susan Court in Olympia
Moles and possible downspout location has caused one corner to sink. no major cracks yet in concrete block foundation.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Needing sidewalk leveling- where 2 sections come together a tree root has caused a peak.
Vicinity of Vantage Terrace CT. SE in Olympia
Driveway cracks & uneven.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Sunken corner of a block wall garage foundation. Looking at probably 5" of fall in one corner. Need to know if your systems work on block wall foundations and what a rough cost might be and a time frame to complete. Please let me know if you can schedule a site visit ASAP. Thank you, Sean
Vicinity of Canyon Crt SW in Olympia
Dip in floor and L shaped Crack that leads to Crack where wall and ceiling meet.
Vicinity of McKinley Lp Ne in Olympia
Have crank in my driveway and concrete garage floor.
Vicinity of Lemon Rd NE in Olympia
I have a serious foundation issue NE corner of the house. I need someone to tell me how serious it is and if there is anything that can be done. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lorna Dr SE in Olympia
Looking for a quote of a home I am wanting to buy in a 203k home loan option. Upon looking this home did not feel level underfoot, It's on a concrete slab and there were some cracks in garage and sunroom. I am ready to make offer but would ask that you meet me for a look thank youThank you for your time V/r Kaitlin
Vicinity of Lakeside St SW in Olympia
South east corner of foundation has cracked and is settling. Needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of in Olympia
There is a crack in my cinder block foundation. I'm getting ready to do a kitchen remodel and I want to be sure the foundation is secure.
Vicinity of Milroy Sw in Olympia
Foundation of front of 65 year old rambler with brick facade has settled 2? inches. Most noticeable in living room from center toward front door.
Vicinity of Hoffman Rd SE in Olympia
Vicinity of in Olympia
I've got a leak in my basement that I'd like to resolve. It may involve some digging and/or a sump pump.
Vicinity of Tempo Lake Drive SE in Olympia
New construction, water coming into basement. Need solution
Vicinity of GREEN COVE ST NW in Olympia
Home foundation - currently jacks are installed by the previous owner, want to make sure this is correct and the best solution. Walkway - walkway is currently being pushed up by tree roots, want to see what the best option is to fix that,
Vicinity of Rosewood Dr SW in Olympia
Cracked edges of the ceiling
Vicinity of in Olympia
This is ia 70 + year old house concrete block with concrete slab foundation. I think the drainage around the house is causing the foundation to give away in the area where the crack appears to be growing.
Vicinity of in Olympia
I need a bid for repairs to a sidewalk at our 3108 building, a wheelchair ramp at our 3110 building and the sidewalk at 3114 building is a tripping hazard for an elderly man.
Vicinity of Windward Dr. NW in Olympia
Multiple drive way/patio cracks/sunken areas, Garage floor and foundation.
Vicinity of Gravelly Beach LP NW in Olympia
Sinking concrete.. Garage slab, entry steps, and HVAC pad.
Vicinity of Huckleberry Rd NW in Olympia
We just purchased a property on Budd Inlet. We are High Bank, and there is some exposed dirt that I would like someone to look at and provide suggestions to making sure we don't have erosion problems in the future.
Vicinity of HOLMES ISLAND ROAD SE in Olympia
Need to level up some fence pillars , two of them along fence and driveway
Vicinity of BANBRIDGE LOOP SE in Olympia
Some areas have sunk or cracked, needs to be lifted to assist with drainage
Vicinity of Sparrow Ct SE in Olympia
A crack in the cement pad of our garage that has always been there for about 15 years. Appears to be larger than it has ever been. and a crack in the actual foundation on the outside of our house.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Concrete pad slipping after a crack
Vicinity of Ellison Loop NW in Olympia
Several slabs at the back of the house sank
Vicinity of Henslin Ct SE in Olympia
Earth has moved out from under section of driveway and front cement porch has moved away a inch or 2 and dropped a little.
Vicinity of Bayview Drive NE in Olympia
We have a sidewalk which is uneven in three places. A guest is coming next week with a walker. Could this be repaired this quickly? Also I am the treasurer for an Olympia downtown church we have some small concrete work for connecting one concrete area to another which needs repair to allow for good access for people in walkers.
Vicinity of Division Street Nw in Olympia
5 by 15 foot area of walkway settled about 2 inch
Vicinity of Rollinghills Terr NW in Olympia
Settling in our 1960s house.
Vicinity of Plymouth Ct SW in Olympia
My driveway has a dip that collects water, right where it meets the walkway leading to the front door. I have puddles when it rains and I'm worried it will get worse.
Vicinity of in Olympia
Cracked, bulging concrete block basement walls in older residence from an earthquake approximately 16 years ago. Concerned about cracks expanding or failing in a future event. Underlying problem is there is no steel reinforcing in the walls. Also, makes any future sale of the house difficult.
Vicinity of Gravelly Beach Rd. NW in Olympia
We are looking for an inspection/evaluation of our foundation identifying any problems, explanation of potential fixes, and quote. thank you
Vicinity of Normandy St SE in Olympia
Tree fall impact damaged porch composed of 4x4 4" slabs of concrete separated by 2x4 p.t. lumber.
Vicinity of Steamboat Island Road NW in Olympia
Cracks in chainwall
Vicinity of Champion Dr Sw in Olympia
Front walkway sinking and a large crack has developed.
Vicinity of Boston Harbor Rd NE in Olympia
Just. bought a house and inspection showed some issues within the crawl space. Need to assess and get bid
Vicinity of Friendly Grove Rd in Olympia
There is a 4'x4' slab in the walkway that has sunk about 3/4" and we've had two major falls due to tripping on it.
Vicinity of Gravelly Beach Loop Nw in Olympia
We have severe cracks in our concrete patios
Vicinity of Sherman St Nw in Olympia
Foundation damage. Settling, sagging. Cracks etc. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of Percival St Nw in Olympia
Retaining wall is leaning
Vicinity of Skokomish Way NE in Olympia
Soil under foundation eroding
Vicinity of Miner Drive SW in Olympia
Concrete driveway slab is sinking
Vicinity of Cedrona Ct NW in Olympia
New gap in hardwood floor, bow in ceiling sheet rock, new gaps above kitchen cabnets. Built in1998.
Vicinity of Westside Dr. Nw in Olympia
The front platform crack and ground level sink.
Vicinity of in Olympia
My basement floor is a hot mess and we truly need some direction. The floor is grossly uneven, we are now tearing up a botched job from the last contractors. There is adhesive and what appears to be several different layers of concrete from previous owners. The basement has a lot of moisture and I am quickly growing concerned about the level ( no pun intended) of care this floor needs.
Vicinity of in Olympia
I have a slab porch and walkway that has settled about 5 inches and needs to be raised and leveled. The porch is about 6'x7'.
Vicinity of Yorkshire Dr in Olympia
Pier blocks and center wood posts leaning, cracked, or not connected to above supporting beams in crawl space
Vicinity of Sunny Beach Lane in Olympia
Crack in concrete bulkhead on beach property
Vicinity of Rainwater Ct in Olympia
Settling in walkway and pool deck surround
Vicinity of Buttonwood Lane in Olympia
Cracks in foundation, part of house sinking
Vicinity of in Olympia
Estimate of repair cost for the damaged floors and walls due to the settling of building
Vicinity of Lister Rd NE in Olympia
Sagging floors in center of house.
Vicinity of Simon Lane Ne in Olympia
Our front concrete porch as dropped about two inches from the front door and foundation. Is it possible to have it raised without having to replace the entire porch?
Vicinity of Rich Road SE in Olympia
Part of foundation wall appears to be cracked and settling. Section of house dropped some. Need house leveled and foundation sured up.
Vicinity of Walnut Road NE in Olympia
We have major settling issues that have come to light after doing some remodeling.
Vicinity of Bigelow Ave NE in Olympia
House built in 1927. Soil settling enough to create 3 cracks in foundation. Footing not broad or deep enough for soil type. Interested in a bid for foundation repair & stabilization.
Vicinity of Bush Mt Ct in Olympia
Foundation settling under smimming pool needs repair
Vicinity of Puget St NE in Olympia
Basement floor is cracked along one side, corner dips down and 2 walls are cracked
Vicinity of Salmon Ln SE in Olympia
Sloping floor, gap between floor and baseboard. Over a crawl space
Vicinity of Sunset Beach Dr Nw in Olympia
Sticking doors, non locking exterior doors, uneven pocket doors, crack between wall and ceiling on southwestern side of house
Vicinity of Sherwood DR SE in Olympia
We have a concrete slab that has settled and is causing rain water to run toward the house rather than away from the house.
Vicinity of Draham Rd in Olympia
We are purchasing a small home and it has standing water underneath. We need an estimate to repair this with a drainage system and a pump. It has to be repaired to purchase

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